ThreeZero 1/6 - G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes

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Hasbro and Threezero are pleased to announce that we have teamed up for a series of 1/6 scale collectible figures redesigned by Threezero as inspired by Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters. The first of these releases will be 1/6 Snake Eyes!

Standing at 12” (30 cm) tall, the 1/6 Snake Eyes collectible figure features our standard fully-articulated body with fabric hand-tailored costuming with a high attention to detail. Snake Eyes includes a full loadout of Accessories including Pistol, Uzi, Tactical Knife, two Katanas, three Smoke Grenades, three Stun Grenades, and a total of four pairs of interchangeable hands.

Materials used: ABS, PVC, POM (costume uses fabric)

– Officially Licensed by Hasbro
– Approximately 12” tall (~30 cm)
– ~22 Points of Articulation
– Detailed Snake Eyes masked headsculpt


– Tactical Outfit
– Chest Harness
– Utility Armbands
– Utility Belt
– Forearm Bracer (left)
– Thigh Pouch (left)
– Kneepads
– Tactical boots

– One (1) Pistol with Holster
– One (1) Uzi Submachine Gun
– One (1) Tactical Knife
– Two (2) Katanas with Sheathes
– Three (3) Smoke Grenades
– Three (3) Stun Grenades
– Four (4) Pairs of Interchangeable Hands:
• One (1) pair of Fists,
• One (1) pair Relaxed,
• One (1) pair for holding Firearms, and
• One (1) pair for holding other Weapons.