PRE-ORDER POLICIES below are active for orders submitted after May 1st, 2022. For orders submitted prior to or on May 1st, 2022, please reference here.


When we are notified of a new item, we will list it for pre-order with an estimated arrival window. Pre-Order means we are taking advanced orders for an item. It has not been received yet and we are unable to ship until a later date. The Pre-Order option is good way to lock in your order for an item that could potentially sell out by the time we are ready to ship.  

Billing on Pre-Order Items 

We offer our customers two options in how they want to be billed for Pre-Order items: 1.) Pay an initial deposit of 10% of the item value upfront, the remaining balance will be due when the Pre-Order item is ready to be shipped to you or 2.) Pay for the Pre-Order item in full upfront. Please note, customers that pay for their pre-orders in full upfront generally have their items shipped in priority order.

For customers that have elected to pay the initial 10% deposit for their Pre-Order item, please note the initial deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE. An email requesting payment for the remaining balance will be sent to the email address on file once the Pre-Order item is ready to be shipped.

Please pay attention to your email inbox during the Estimated Arrival Window for all your Pre-Order items. We will not be held responsible if email notifications go to junk mail or are erroneously deleted. 

If payment is not received or we do not receive any response from you within seven (7) calendar days, your Pre-Order item will be released to the general public and your initial 10% deposit will automatically be forfeited.

We track the receipt of all email notifications and in some cases, send multiple notifications requesting payment. Please do not claim that you never received the email notifications from us. We will only consider proven evidence and facts and will not entertain disputable allegations or subjective assumptions.


If you are interested in paying the remaining balance for your Pre-Order item prior to the Estimated Arrival Window, please go to My Account and find your desired Pre-Order item. From there, select the “Pay Now” option to pay for the remaining balance.

For customers that have elected to pay for their Pre-Order item in full upfront, no additional action is required.

Please note if you add multiple Pre-Order items on the same order, we will assume that you would like all the items on the order to ship together and we will hold your items until ready for shipping. If you want us to ship each Pre-Order item as it comes in stock instead, please submit a separate order for each individual item. 

Confirmation of shipment and tracking number will be provided upon payment completion for either option.

Please do not add In-Stock and Pre-Order items on the same order; these need to be submitted on separate orders. We may adjust your order at our discretion in these instances.


Cancellation on Pre-Order Items 
You can cancel any Pre-Order items that you have on order any time prior to shipment. 

For customers that have elected to pay the initial 10% deposit for their Pre-Order item, the initial 10% deposit will be forfeited and your Pre-Order item will be released to the general public.

For customers that have elected to pay for their Pre-Order item in full upfront, we will consider 10% of the item value as the initial deposit and will withhold this amount from your total refund. Your Pre-Order item will also be released to the general public.

Please send all pre-order cancellation requests via email to: and reference the order # in the subject heading.

By placing an order for a Pre-Order item at our store, you agree to comply with our Pre-Order Policies as noted.


Discount Code

We occasionally offer discount codes to our customers. Please be mindful of email notifications to receive discount codes.

Please see specific discount code policies for application to In-Stock or Pre-Order items.

For Pre-Order items, discount codes will only be applicable if you pay in full upfront. Discount codes will not be applicable on the initial 10% deposit


SOLD OUT Status on Pre-Order Items 

When our projected stock of a Pre-Order item has been depleted, we will note the Pre-Order item with a SOLD OUT status.

If you had previously placed an order for a Pre-Order item and now it is showing as SOLD OUT, it does not mean that your order has been cancelled. It just means that we have sold out of our projected inventory. Please rest assured, your Pre-Order item is still locked in with us!


Estimated Arrival Window 

All Pre-Order items will be designated with an Estimated Arrival Window. This Estimated Arrival Window may change based on updated feedback from our vendors. We will update our listings and information on the product page once we have confirmed something has changed. We cannot guarantee Pre-Order items will arrive as per the Estimated Arrival Window and we will not provide any compensation for any Pre-Order items that do not arrive in this said window. 

For any concerns or questions regarding arrival timing, please refer to the specific product page. We may not actively respond to any questions regarding arrival timing that are sent to our Customer Service email address.

Pricing on Pre-Order Items 

In some rare cases, the price on a Pre-Order item may change after being listed.

If the price is reduced prior to shipping, your price will be adjusted so that you receive the lowest price. 

In rare circumstances, mandatory price increases may also happen to a Pre-Order item. This could occur when one of our vendor solicits the item with a pricing error or when import tariffs are assessed by the United States government. In the event that the price increases, we will notify the affected customers. As always you are free to cancel your Pre-Order at any time. 


Please ensure your shipping address on each order is updated. If your order is shipped to your address on file and the address on file is not correct, we will not send you a refund unless the package is returned to us. Please notify us of address changes to the email:

We will try our best to fill every Pre-Order, but in rare cases a situation may be out of our control. If we cannot fulfill your Pre-Order, we will notify you immediately and process a refund.

No compensation will be provided for any inconveniences. 



We reserve the right to amend our policies at any time.