TB League 1/12 - Vampirella


When a spaceship from Earth crash lands on the dying planet Drakulon, the remaining dying inhabitants, the Vampiri, sends Vampirella to investigate to find the pilots from Earth have blood flowing through their veins; blood which at one point in time flowed in rivers throughout Draklon and now has since been put through drought causing the inhabits to die off. Vampirella is able to pilot the spaceship back to Earth where she becomes a “good” vampire, and devotes her energy to ridding our world of the evil vampires.

Making her first appearance in 1969 and quickly becoming a fixture of comics, horror, and pop culture, Dynamite Entertainment along with Executive Replicas and Phicen Ltd. are proud to bring you the licensed 1/12th scale Vampirella action doll.Officially licensed and Authorized

Figure Set includes:

  • (1) Head sculpt
  • (1) TB League 1/12 female seamless body with metal skeleton
  • (3 pairs) interchangeable hands
  • (1) one-piece bikini-style costume
  • (1 pair) high boots
  • (1) armlet (for right upper arm)
  • (1 pair) bangles
  • (1) thigh band(for right thigh)
  • (1) dagger
  • (1) bat
  • (1 ) skull
  • (1) cloak
  • (1) base
  • (1) tombstone (a detachable part of the base)