SW Toys 1/6 - Miss Wong


EST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Jun 2024 - Aug 2024

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The 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure includes:

  • One (1)¬†Head Sculpt (with movable eyes)
  • One (1) Smiling Head Sculpt (with movable eyes)
  • One (1)¬†Costume
  • One (1)¬†Pair of Stockings
  • One (1)¬†Tactical Hanger (with pistol holster)
  • One (1)¬†Belt (with pistol holster)
  • One (1)¬†Assault Pistol
  • One (1)¬†Hook Pistol
  • One (1)¬†Golden Egg (Metal)
  • Three (3) Pair of¬†Interchangeable Hands
  • One (1) Pistol
  • One (1)¬†Pistol Clip
  • One (1)¬†Hookline Pistol Arrow
  • One (1)¬†Portable Radio
  • One (1)¬†Virus
  • One (1)¬†Seamless Body
  • One (1)¬†Alternate Costume