Patriot Studio 1/12 - Captain Sliverblade BSAA SOU (Deluxe Version)


EST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Mar 2024 - Jun 2024

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The 1/12 Scale Collectible Figure Deluxe Version Set Includes:

  • One piece of head sculpt
  • One piece of PA body
  • One pair of normal gloved hand
  • One pair of gloved hand holding rifle
  • One pair of gloved hand holding pistols
  • One pair of gloved hand holding intercom
  • One piece of gloved hand pointing directions
  • One set of costume
  • One pair of boot
  • One piece of rifle (ASSAULT RIFLE)
  • One piece of watch
  • One piece of dagger and dagger set
  • One set of intercom
  • Two pieces of holster
  • One pair of knee pads
  • One piece of pistol (NINE-OH-NINE)
  • One piece of pistol (Desert Eagle)
  • One piece of corrupting crow
  • One piece of experiment MA-38
  • One piece of rifle (SEMI-AUTOMATICSR)
  • One piece of shotgun (ASSAULT SHOTGUN)
  • One piece of rocket launcher
  • Three pieces of Grenades
  • One piece of oil drum
  • One piece of roadblock with controller
  • Scene base (magnet induced luminescence)