One Toys 1/6 - Mr. Stone Dwayne


Special features of the 1/6th scale Collectible Figure:

  • One(1) head sculpture
  • Two(2) muscular tattoo body
    • (*Different right arm tattoos)
  • Seven (7) newly pair of hands

Two sets of clothing
Combat uniform:

  • Oneļ¼ˆ1ļ¼‰black color top
  • Oneļ¼ˆ1ļ¼‰black color trousers
  • Oneļ¼ˆ1ļ¼‰Tactical vest
  • A pair of black color shoes

Prison uniform:

  • Oneļ¼ˆ1ļ¼‰orange one-piece prison uniform
  • Oneļ¼ˆ1ļ¼‰white color tank top