Mars Toys 1/6 - Mr. Mike


EST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Jul 2022 - Sept 2022

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The Collectible 1/6 Scale Figure Set includes:

  • Carefully create a new head sculpture, delicate hand painting-Proportional body with movable joints
  • 6 replaceable hands
  • Costume
    • A black jacket
    • A pair of dark brown pants
    • A blue shirt
    • A shirt with blue and yellow stripes on a green background
    • A black base coat



  • A shovel with an ageing effect
  • A revolver and 6 revolver bullets
  • A pistol with silencer
  • A note with “Don’t" written on it
  • A paper bag printed with "LOS POLLOS HERMANOS" -Five packs of blue powder
  • Five stacks of money
  • A pair of black leather shoes
  • Specially designed stand