Mars Toys 1/6 - Heisenberg


The Collectible 1/6 Scale Figure Set includes:

  • A carefully crafted new head carving
  • A piece of silver frame
  • A black zipper coat
  • A newly cut blue long-sleeved shirt
  • A piece of Green long sleeve shirt
  • A fit body fat shirt (fake belly)
  • A pair of black leather shoes
  • A leather belt
  • A pair of brown-grey trousers
  • A pistol
  • A replacement magazine
  • A leather hand-sewn handbag
  • Five packs of blue powder
  • Ten stacks of gold coins
  • A piece of stand
  • 1/6 Scale Body (Narrow Shoulder)

*Note, Body and Costume Set will not be assembled upon receipt. Assembly will be required*