FacePool 1/6 - US Paratrooper Platoon Leader Easy Company (Special Edition)


Inspired by the classic HBO series Band of Brothers, comes an excellent representation of the character, Major Richard Winters, as portrayed by actor Damian Lewis.


Figure set includes:

  • Head Sculpture (Mouth Slight Open)
  • Male Nude Body + Hands Sets (COOMODELBD001)
  • M1 Paratrooper Helmet (Metal)
  • M43 Paratrooper Uniform Set
  • M1 Garand Rifle +Knife
  • Ammo Bandolier x2
  • M1911A1 Pistol + leather holster (Real Leather)
  • Double Magazine Pouch
  • US Suspenders
  • GI Wool Shirt + Collar Insignia
  • Paratrooper Boots (Realleather)
  • Paratrooper M6 Scabbard + M3 Knife
  • MK2 Grenade x2
  • M36 Belt
  • M42 First Aid Pouch
  • M10 Canteen w/Cover
  • Compass Pouch
  • M36 Musette Bag
  • Map
  • Helmet Camouflage Linen Strip
  • 101 Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
  • US Flag Shoulder Sleeve Insignia


Special Edition Includes Extra:

  • Head Sculpture (Mouth Closed withProud Expression)
  • M42 Reinforced Paratrooper UniformSet (Include Insignia)