AUG Toys 1/6 - Dune: Paul Atreides

EST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Dec 2023 - Feb 2024

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    The 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure includes:

    • Base head carving
    • plain bodies with 30 movable joints
    • 6 replaceable gloved hand types include:
      • A pair of natural gloved hands
      • A pair of gloved hands holding up to something
      • A pair of clenched gloved hands


    • A close-fitting Freman’s distillation suit
    • A sand-proof cape with built-in wire
    • A face mask that goes over your head, Filt-Plug


    • A Combat Knife and scabbard belt of the Atreides family
    • A Crysknife made by Fremen from sandworm teeth
    • A backpack
    • A shield switch
    • Specially designed platform and character nameplate in Eracos desert style