Soosoo Toys 1/6 - The Punchline



The Collectible 1/6 Scale Figure Set includes:

-Detailed Head sculpts with cigar and eyes mask ,each piece of head sculpt is specially hand painted-Detailed smile Head sculpts,each piece of head sculpt is specially hand painted-Body with over 30points of articulations-Approximately 30CM tall-Six (8)pieces of interchangeable palms including:-One(1)pair of fists-One(1)pair of relaxed hands-One(1)pairs of guns holding hands-One(1)pairs of holding knife handsCostumeļ¼š-One(1)The punchline suitAccessories:- One(1)Tactical full body harness with holsters- One(1)Boot knife with a knife holder- One(1)Shotgun- One(1)Grenade launcher- Two (2) hand guns- fourteen (14) shotgun cartridges with a cartridge belts- twenty(20)Grenade launcher cartridges with cartridge belts-One(1)Necklace-One(1)Photo frame-One(1)Flask-One(1)Figure stand