FacePool 1/6 - US Paratrooper Lieutenant "Buck" (B Version)


eEST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Feb 2024 - May 2024 

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The 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure includes:

  • One (1)¬†Head Sculpt
  • One (1)¬†Body
  • Three (3)¬†Pairs of Interchangeable Hands
  • One (1)¬†M1 paratrooper helmet with mesh (metal)
  • One (1)¬†M42 Modified Pocket Edition Paratrooper Uniform Full Set
  • One (1)¬†M36 paratrooper backpack
  • One (1)¬†airborne scarf
  • One (1)¬†Thomson submachine gun (metal solid wood)
  • One (1) Set of 30 rounds metal reloadable magazine + 30 rounds plastic magazine+ 20 rounds plastic magazine
  • One (1)¬†Thomson magazine bag (short)
  • One (1)¬†M1911A1 pistol + leather holster (leather)
  • One (1)¬†pistol clip bag
  • One (1)¬†U.S. military weight belt
  • One (1)¬†GI cotton shirt
  • One (1)¬†Paratrooper boots (leather)
  • One (1)¬†Airborne M6 leather scabbard + M1918 bayonet
  • One (1)¬†M36 belt
  • One (1)¬†M10 kettle + bag
  • One (1)¬†101st Airborne Division + National Flag Armband
  • One (1)¬†Camouflage strips