FacePool 1/6 - Operation Valkyrie: Claus von Stauffenberg (Special Edition)


EST ARRIVAL WINDOW: Apr 2023 - Jun 2023 

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The 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure includes:

  • One (1) Historic Based Head Sculpture
  • One (1) Film Based Head Sculpture (Special Edition Exclusive)
  • One (1) Articulated Body + 3 Packs of HandsÔľąleftÔľČ
  • One (1) Officer Tunic
  • One (1) Officer Ornamented Tunic (Special Edition Exclusive)
  • One (1)¬†Officer Overcoat (Special Edition Exclusive)
  • One (1)¬†Eye Patch (Special Edition Exclusive)
  • One (1)¬†Breeches
  • One (1)¬†Fattening underwear
  • One (1)¬†Shirt
  • One (1)¬†Pair of Jack Boots ÔľąReal LeatherÔľČ
  • One (1)¬†Officer Hat
  • One (1)¬†Officer Belt (Real Leather)
  • One (1)¬†PPK Pistol + Holster
  • One (1)¬†Briefcase (Real Leather)
  • Two (2)¬†Bomb
  • Three (3)¬†Pencil Detonator
  • One (1)¬†Pliers
  • One (1)¬†Needle Nose Pliers
  • One (1)¬†Residual Limb
  • One (1)¬†1st Class Wound Badge
  • One (1)¬†First Class Iron Cross Medal
  • One (1)¬†Mission ID
  • One (1)¬†Soldbuch
  • One (1)¬†Operation Valkyrie Order Folder
  • One (1)¬†Meeting Room Diorama
  • One (1)¬†Table Section (Special Edition Exclusive)
  • One (1)¬†Metal Name Plate