Soosoo Toys 1/6 - Green Vigilante


The Collectible Figurine special features:

  • Detailed Head sculpts each piece of head sculpt is specially hand paintedĀ 
  • Body with over 30points of articulations
  • Approximately 30CM tall
  • Ā Six (6)pieces of interchangeable palms including:
    • Ā  One(1)pair of fists
    • Ā  One(1)pair of relaxed palms
    • Ā  One(1)left hand for holding arrow
    • Ā  One(1)right hand for holding blow
  • One(1)Green vigilante suit
  • One(1)pair of black colored boots
  • One(1)Body shoulder belt
Ā Accessories
  • One(1)green colored bow
  • Sixteen(16)individual arrows
  • Four(4)arrows (include arrowhead)
  • One(1)figure stand
  • One(1)eye Mask